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Our Next Retirement Income Puzzle Dinner Seminar

Come and Learn about the need for Comprehensive Retirement Planning at one of our Free Dinner Seminars.

Coming soon to Roxborough

Solving the Retirement Income Puzzle in 2016

The Path to Independence and Choice in Retirement

You’ll enjoy a delicious gourmet meal while we discuss the changes in the economy and how they can affect us all. We use real world examples and don’t talk in technical terms.

Do you have a real plan for generating sustainable retirement income or are you just “winging” it?

Does your plan include periodic increases in income to keep up with future increases in the cost of living?

Do you know how long your money will last if you continue doing what you’re doing today?

If the answer to any of these questions is “NO,” then this educational workshop on income planning will enlighten you and give you insight into what successful
retirees are doing to take the guesswork out of retirement income planning. Important educational topics we’ll discuss:

• Understanding the five biggest challenges to retirement income planning.
• Why changing your investment philosophy upon retirement is critical.
• The importance of segregating your income producing assets from your growth assets.
• Do you really know how long your money will last in retirement?
• Navigating the tax code when positioning assets to generate an income.
• Understanding your options when planning for retirement.
• Maximizing your Social Security benefits with proper analysis and planning.
• Strategies for reliable, inflation-adjusted, sustainable income throughout your retirement.

Hear from Financial Advisor and Retirement Planning Expert, John Ebel.


No Agents, Advisors, or persons under the age of 58 will be admitted. Must be a registered guest to attend.